Thursday, March 06, 2008


1. My back is feeling much better, thanks for asking. Either I'm mending or I'm just so happy over the fact that I get to give a test today that my giddiness has driven the pain from my body.

I DO still have a general ache located somewhere above and outside of my left hip. That hip always hurts; I wonder if I'm going to have it replaced someday.

2. My eldest daughter is in Louisville for the Health Occupations Something Association convention, HOSA for short. We make jokes about some of the girls in her club putting the HO in HOSA. I'm proud of her; she's coming to KCU in the fall.

3. I have a whole day that I can devote to writing--well, only one lecture, and it's already done. So I'm busy finding excuses to do EVERYTHING but write. Damn (literally) that fallen nature!

4. I LOVE Burlap to Cashmere; right now, I'm listening to a looped playlist that's nothing but Ryan Adams and Burlap. Good stuff.

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