Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hilary Lives!

To be honest, I'd thought that this morning would bring the news of the end of Queen Hilary's quest for coronation. But she won both Ohio and Texas. The woman has more lives than Vlad Dracul; she's Michael Myers, I tell ya.

At the same time, she remains FAR FAR FAR behind Obama in delegates. Her "big comeback wins" in Ohio and Texas are really more about perception than reality. In most state primaries / caucuses, the Dems DON'T apportion candidates "winner take all." So Hil has a LOT of ground to make up.

Still, the perception is that she is BACK. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I've always thought that Obama would be easier to defeat in the general election, but I'm not sure of that now. Hilary has so turned off young voters, and the continuing ugliness between her and black voters has turned off large numbers of other traditionally Democratic voters.

Maybe Rush Limbaugh is right, and the best thing that can happen for Republicans is for the Democratic candidates to keep beating each other up, further fracturing their sham coalition.

At the same time, I'm SO FREAKING SICK OF THE CLINTONS. The represent everything I hate about the 1960's, American politics, intellectuals, liberalism-masquerading-as-populism, etc. I want them off my TV, out of my face, stop shaking your finger at us and telling us that you're better people than we are, etc. I want them done.


Blogger Neyhart said...

I agree. I'm sick of them too.
RYC: What is your favorite Starbucks coffee?

10:55 PM  

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