Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ok, Yeah, . . .

I've been working most of the day today on my lecture / session for tomorrow night; in case you haven't heard, I've been teaching my Theology 420 class on Sunday nights at East Pointe CC in Columbus.

The class consists of 12 sessions, 50 minutes in length. Now: my theology class has 25 lectures, 70 minutes each. So in order to get the lectures together, I have to shrink my class materials greatly.

I have really enjoyed the people at East Pointe; it's a fun group, they're interested in learning and expanding / sharpening their tools for reading the Bible.

But it was a lot of work today. I have over 200 PowerPoint slides devoted to the theology of Jesus and the Gospels ALONE. I've cut that down to 60 slides, and I probably won't get more than 45 done in two hours tomorrow.

I've also re-ordered some things; I think that the new order will work well in the classroom, as well.

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Anonymous penni said...

i thought i was going to read, like i do elsewhere, about how you would have a difficult time filling up the 70 minutes...however, i was wrong, eh?

i am wondering what you think of rob bell from mars hill bible church? do you have any thoughts? are you fundamentalist?

(i never have anyone who teaches theology stop by my blog, so weren't you blessed yesterday when you did? :)

6:26 AM  

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