Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tonight's LOST

Ah, what a perfect episode, and what a perfect ending!

Man, I love this show. I'm haunted by the likelihood that the producers won't be able to pull it off, at some point they're going to pull a Twin Peaks and give us a stupid explanation. But Lost is the most fascinating sustained puzzle I've ever watched.

Part of it is that the characters are interesting and appealing and have incredibly detailed back stories. Part of it is that the action and suspense are top-notch; the twists and turns are truly shocking, but they always seem plausible.

Anyway. GREAT stuff.



Blogger Neyhart said...

I totally agree. I really enjoy LOST. And how about Charlotte Staples Lewis!? I love all of the various connections the show makes with so many different things!

9:34 PM  
Anonymous seth adam heller said...

Desmond continues to be one of the most intriguing characters, and as one of my personal favorites, I found tonights episode very rewarding. I loved how they continue to tie Penny's father (Mr. Widmore) to the circumstances surrounding the island. Did you notice he bought the diary of The Black Rock, the pirate ship that wrecked on the island from which they removed the dynamite in season 2? Besides Christ's gift of salvation and my wedding day, watching Lost might be the most rewarding aspect of my life. I dont know if I should be proud or saddened by that

10:59 PM  

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