Monday, March 03, 2008

Back problems, new N.T. Wright book

I hurt my back yesterday; I was getting ready to go to Columbus, to give my lecture at East Pointe Christian Church. I was standing at a table, putting books and my laptop into my computer bag, and just happened to reach the wrong way while my back was just slightly twisted in the wrong direction, and MY BACK WENT OUT.

And of course, I had to spend six hours in a car right after that. Driving is the worst possible thing you can do if your back is out. And my daughter has her 18th birthday this week, so today we went to Lexington. So another four hours or so in a car, plus 90 minutes in one of those poofy chairs at Barnes & Noble.

It freaking hurts.

It's gone out before, but that was 18 years ago or so.

Speaking of Barnes & Noble: I bought the newest N.T. Wright book, Surprised by Hope. It's a readable explanation of Wright's views on the 2nd coming of Christ, eschatology, that "Left Behind nonesense" (you have to imagine Wright saying it, with that British accent), etc.

Wright has addressed these issues in other places, but in more scholarly (and dense) guise.

Wright is sometimes accused of being a preterist, or of not believing in the 2nd coming. Here he sets the record straight, in a way that American readers and students can easily access, comprehend, and evaluate.

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Blogger Neyhart said...

That N.T. Wright book sounds very interesting. I'm sorry you've hurt your back! :(

10:53 PM  

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