Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Funeral thoughts

Some days have more than their share of sadness.

My friend Jim passed away Saturday morning (for the story of his illness, see "Dying Lessons," below.) I went to his funeral today.

This morning, I got on my computer and checked my email while preparing to go to Jim's funeral. One of my best friends from Texas--the little brother I never had--sent me an email letting me know that his sister was murdered by a roommate a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, his email consisted of a web link to an Arizona newspaper carrying the coverage of her funeral. He was the one who gave the eulogy, and was quoted extensively in the piece. I was shocked to read of her death--she was only 20.

So ten minutes of poking through that particular paper's website produced the news: she had recently moved into the Phoenix area. A high school friend moved to the same area a few weeks later, and she let him stay with her and another female roommate for a few days while he got his feet on the ground. At some point in mid-July, he had a psychotic episode, hearing voices, etc., and stabbed her to death.

So: I wrote him as encouraging an email as I could manage, left him a voicemail, and went to the funeral.

After the funeral, one of my acquaintances from church and work went home and got the news that his mother died this morning.

And when I was working out this afternoon, my trainer--who ALSO goes to our church here in Grayson--told me that his aunt had passed away this past weekend.

Some days just have more than their share of sadness. Some days, I wish I'd never left the house.


Blogger Leo said...

I can relate! Although my words will in no way erase the sadness, let me just say that death has its season. Since moving to VA two years ago my dad, a cousin, an aunt, and two dear friends have passed away. Tough going, but God is still good. Hang in there!

2:22 PM  

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