Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vehicular Drama

This is diary entry from 28 June.

Ok, so: we're trying to decide if we should a. replace the engine in my 2001 Isuzu Trooper, or b. trade it in, blown engine and all, on a new Chevy Trailblazer.

The issues:

  1. We still owe $$ on the Trooper. We'd be WAY upside down on the new vehicle.
  2. It will cost as much or more to repair the Trooper than it would to go on Ebay and buy a Trooper of the same year with fewer miles. In other words: repairing the Trooper will cost more than the Trooper is worth.
  3. My wife doesn't like or trust the Trooper. As a family vehicle, it works for me and our three kids, but not for the five of us--just not quite enough room, it's too narrow for two adults (especially one of my size) to sit together in the front. Ergo: I would be taking great strides toward ensuring domestic tranquility by getting something a little bit larger (like the Trailblazer.)
  4. I have ALWAYS been the one to get the new vehicle. My wife has NEVER had a new vehicle to call her own. Further, my wife is likely to take better care of a new vehicle than I would. Ergo: if we get the Trailblazer, it would be HER vehicle. I would be driving her little Escort as my primary vehicle, at least until we're finished paying for our kids' orthodontia and can afford to buy an old F-150 for me.
  5. Even with our credit--which is OK--we qualified for an insane amount when we prequalified for a loan.
  6. If we replace the engine in the Trooper, we'll need to borrow $$ from the bank. When added together, the amount that that we'd have to pay on the new engine and the amount that we're already paying on the Trooper would probably exceed the monthly payment on a new Trailblazer (even with what we're upside down on the Trooper added in.)
  7. Yes, we've been promised a HUGE deal on the Trailblazer. The guy who owns the dealership goes to our church. He's a good guy.

I think that's the whole list. So, whaddaya think?

I think we're getting a Trailblazer, assuming the lenders can make the numbers work.


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