Wednesday, August 02, 2006

GO FIGURE! (The drama continues . . .)

Alright, so we're having all this drama with our vehicles. We've settled on a plan. We're going to get the engine replaced in the Escort, which should cost around $700. And a friend has a 1997 Chevy Lumina (not a sexy car, but it runs) that he's had for sale for several months, he wants $700 for it.

Simple, right?

My friend was going to bring the car to my office last night and let me drive it for a day or two before I paid him for it. He ended up having to go to the doctor yesterday, so he didn't bring it by. He told me over the phone: "Don't worry, I'll bring it over tomorrow."

Then he arrived at his office this morning and someone who had looked at the Lumina a few weeks ago had left a check for $700 on his desk. So the vehicle is sold--TO SOMEONE ELSE. Not me.

If you look at it long enough, you'd think that God has some pretty specific ideas about what he wants us to be driving and NOT driving. Don't ask me why.

Now, mind you: I didn't WANT the Lumina. Like I said, it's a very plain, "old man" (no offense intended to you Lumina owners out there) kind of car. But it fit our budget, would have been good on gas, etc. And now we are in the position of STILL needing a second vehicle, STILL waiting on the mechanic to do the work on the Escort, etc.

Anybody got a good used car they'll sell cheap?


Blogger Leo said...

Welcome back, Perry! I've missed you. Sorry to hear about the vehicular drama you all are encountering, but I am glad to see you writing again. Hang in there!


1:42 PM  

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