Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two Reviews of My Monograph

My monograph, Leadership Succession in the World of the Pauline Circle, has been reviewed in two forums (that I know of) over the past several months.

Ron Clark has written a good, detailed review in RBL. He says some very kind things about the book, and recommends it for both biblical studies and ministry classes.

And Charles Talbert, my Doktorvater, informed me last week that a new review is out in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 68 (2006), 554-555. The CBQ review was written by a personal hero of mine, Robert Kysar. I've been reading Kysar's work for years now, and it was a great thrill to have my work reviewed so positively by him.

(After I read Kysar's review, my wife said I walked around for about an hour "grinning like an idiot" [her words, and she didn't mean them unkindly.])