Thursday, June 23, 2005

Why do we need a postmodern evangelicalism?

OK, I HATE the term "postmodern." As something separate from modernism, I don't think postmodernism exists--it's the logical conclusion of modernity, not something big and new and different and revolutionary.

That being said, some of the basic tenets of postmodernism--

(There's a phrase to choke over, "basic tenets of postmodernism." Does anything as diverse and nebulous as postmodernism even HAVE basic tenets?)

--make a great deal of sense to me. I think that, properly understood and applied, a biblical theology informed by postmodernism can provide orthodox Christianity with a unique and potentially very fruitful platform for self-critique and course-correction.

And so, I plan to discuss and apply some of the "basic tenets of postmodernism" (to quote the great theologian Bill the Cat, "ACKK!!") over the next few days (Note: I am not advocating an uncritical acceptance of these tenets, but rather asking if there is not in them some truth that "Bible-believing Christians" need to consider):
  • be suspicious of absolutes
  • be suspicious of foundationalism
  • be suspicious of claims to exclusive truth
  • it is impossible to view the Bible or any other text without subjectivity


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