Monday, February 21, 2005

A book, a visit

The past week has been one of those deceptively quiet weeks that potentially changes your life.

1. I was very sick. I had a stomach virus, and spent most of the night/early morning Sunday - Monday in the bathroom. I was violently ill.

2. My younger sister, who is a missionary/English teacher in China, came to visit, and she and I got to sit and really talk. I'm forty years old: this past week was possibly the first time I've had a real conversation with any members of my immediate family.

We just weren't a connecting family--we never really talked about ANYTHING. Our conversations were superficial, forced.

And I didn't know how dysfunctional that was until just the past year or so.

3. I bought a book that's already changing my life: John Eldridge's Wild at Heart. It's an INCREDIBLY powerful analysis of what it should mean to be a Christian man, and what it so seldom means.

More on the last two points later.


Anonymous Leo said...

Perry, if you like "Wild at Heart," wait until you read "Waking the Dead" or "Epic." John Eldredge's books really helped me to see some spiritual issues in my life. I'm glad to see you are reading them! May God bless your reading and your teaching!

9:32 AM  

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