Thursday, July 08, 2010

Wenesday Highlights--NACC

Wednesday was a great day @ the NACC. Four highlights among the many:

1. KCU's reception was a wonderful time of meeting KCU alumni &
talking about the past & future of the school that's closest to my
heart. Larry Marshall (our Director of Alumni Relations) is the Bruce
Lee of Alumni relations, with a fifth-degree black belt in promotions.
Honestly, I think he has the spiritual gift of networking, building
relationships with people & connecting them with ideas & events.

2. Dick Alexander, Wednesday evening. Someone last night said: "As
long as our movement is listening to people like Dick Alexander, good
things will be happening in the Christian Churches & Churches of
Christ." I could not agree more. Dick is a theologically sophisticated
prophet with a tender, caring heart.

3. Tony Dungy, Wednesday luncheon. Coach Dungy talked about "Uncommon
Leadership," the leadership lessons that he learned from his parents
(both schoolteachers) and ultimately from Jesus.

• Leadership should NOT be like driving cattle (modern American
leadership model); it should be like shepherding sheep (image of a
shepherd carrying lamb over his shoulders.)

• When Dungy was starting out as a coach, Chuck Noll told him: "Your
job is to make your players successful. You need to know the players
so you can figure out what they need to succeed."

4. Brian Jones, Wednesday morning. Brian preached on "The Great
Omission", what we're missing from the Great Commission. He said: we
(Christian churches, & Evangelicals in general) are great at GOING and
BAPTIZING. We're not so good at "teaching them to obey" what Jesus has
commanded. Undiscipled believers fall prey to all kinds of dangers
and traps. Shouldn't we value MAKING DISCIPLES as highly as we value
baptisms and transfers?

By the way, Brian will be at KCU this fall for THE BRIDGE this fall, 6
- 8 October. He will be preaching in chapel several times, lecturing
in classes, etc. For info, call Jane at 606-474-3253.

DISSAPOINTMENTS. Wednesday, I was disappointed by the absence of
Platte Valley Bible College and Dallas Christian College. I miss
seeing good friends like David Parrish, Dusty Rubeck, Mark Worley; one
of the great values of the NACC is the moments of connection and
reconnection that take place.

FASCINATING PEOPLE I MET: Danny Furukawa is one of the satellite
pastors & Shepherd of the Hills CC. Great guy, wonderful heart for
ministry & ministers.

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