Sunday, April 12, 2009

Now that BSG is no more

Now that BSG has finished its run, what are the most satisfying dramas on TV?
  • I watch Lost and 24 regularly; I've also gotten caught up in Friday Night Lights, because it reminds me of Sweet Mother Texas.
  • The Unit is a very good show. Dennis Haysbert is a fabulous actor; he has the presence of a John Wayne. (I kind of wish David Palmer had been elected president last November; I'd be more confident in our ability to stand against Iran, etc.)
  • I was a huge fan of Life on Mars, both the US and the BBC versions. (Even though the US version pulled a Bobby-Ewing-in-the-shower "it was only a dream" ending out of thin air.)
  • Ashes to Ashes is currently on BBC on Saturday nights, it's the follow up to Life on Mars, and is very good. Love the Gene Hunt character. (Speaking of Brit imports, don't miss MI-5 on BBC or PBS or wherever you can find it.)
  • South Central and The Unusuals both had very promising beginnings.
My hope is that South Central will fill the gap left by The Shield, The Sopranos, etc. Gritty cop-drama morality plays are my favorite kind of TV.

Ultimately, I watch too much TV.


Blogger dailyread said...

Amazing, amazing show with a fantastic use of language in an alternate reality setting.

Too bad it's doomed....

11:05 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

We love the Unit!! Dennis Haysbert does have a great stage appearance in no matter what he does. He has that confidence look that you can't stare him down and his deep voice certainly helps.

No NCIS?? We love that also. We watch CSI -Las Vegas, but it is not the same since Grisom's character left.

11:10 PM  

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