Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mellow Haze

It's the end of Junior High Challenge, a summer camp for kids entering 6th - 8th grades, here on the campus at KCU. I've been sponsoring this week, because a. my son wanted to attend, and b. our church didn't have any sponsors attending the week.

So here I am.

We're staying in the dorms, and I'm not sleeping very well. I'm not going to bed until 1 or so; normally, I go to sleep around 11.30. And the beds are short and hard; I'm 6'7", and don't care for short hard beds.

So I'm sleep deprived.

Add to that the fact that I spent my entire summer, from 15 May to Tuesday of last week (8 July?) feverishly working on my book. I haven't really taken any time off this summer, and

Money? Yeah, always worried, always stressful. More month than money, you know?

Daughter going off to college--actually, she's coming here to KCU, but we're still getting her ready to leave home. I'm worried about her.

I'm not ready for my classes.

I have maintenance and repair things I need to do on my house, but I'm worried about all the professor and Dean things I need to do.

We're trying to refinance our house, and it looks like it may have to go on hold until September--not what we wanted.

We haven't taken a vacation at all this year.

And I'm just tired. Tired. Tired. Tired.

I'm going to Findlay, OH this Sunday, to participate in Kris Langstaff's ordination service. Beth and the two youngest kids are going with me; we're going a day early, and we'll probably go to the beach or something. That's all the vacation we'll get this summer.

I'm spending my days (daze) in a mellow haze of exhaustion, with a couple of pinches of anxiety thrown in.


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