Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday: A Summary

Here's what I did today:
  • Graded a TON of papers: seriously, I graded papers for at least six hours today, and I'm not done;
  • Made phone calls;
  • Set up an interview; we're hiring at least two new profs, and I set up the travel arrangements, etc., for one of the candidates;
  • Ate a crappy lunch in the KCU cafeteria;
  • Went to the bank and signed a paper;
  • Gassed up the KCU car that I drove to Columbus last night;
  • Make more phone calls;
  • Got sleepy.

OK, so here's what I did. I was sleepy, all afternoon logy, so I made coffee in my french press. I was SO FREAKING DESPERATE for the caffeine that, instead of creaming and sugaring it in a cup like I normally do, I just drank it black, straight out of the spout of the french press.

I'm allowed to do that, right? Drink coffee directly out of my french press, with no implements or dishes between? Does anyone else do that? If so, do they sugar (and cream?) it in the press?

Anyway. My headache's gone, and I think I can manage to stay awake for at least one more hour.

More papers to grade. Eesh.

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Anonymous JR Horn said...

Black....the only way!

10:16 AM  

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