Monday, January 24, 2005

Random (REALLY!)

It's Monday. My 1.15 class has been cancelled due to Bill Leamon's funeral (see the post from last Friday, if I wasn't so lazy I'd link it here.)

At the end of last week, I determined that I would spend the weekend writing the last few pages of my manuscript. Sheffied Phoenix press (here's a link,, I guess I'm NOT too lazy to shill for myself) is publishing my doctoral dissertation and I have the revised and corrected manuscript ALMOST ready to mail to them. I just need to rewrite the last few pages and rewrite the preface and acknowledgements.

Well, anyway: that's what I told myself I'd be doing this weekend. But NO! I slept. I watched football. I waited for the Dish Network guy to come and install Dish Network. And now I'm riffing and wasting time again.

Gotta get that writing done, you know? Now would be a good time--I don't have to prep for my 1.15 class, for obvious reasons. And the funeral isn't until 2. So maybe I'll write.

EDIT: I just finished rewriting the preface. Now all I gotta do is rewrite the "Avenues for Future Research" section, which is about four / five pages long. I can do it this evening, and get the @#$% thing in the mail tomorrow.

Really. I can. I mean I will. REALLY!


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